Fort Lauderdale businesses feel impact of water main break

Florida Power & Light refuses to answer questions

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – After a Florida Power & Light's subcontractor caused a water main break, the general manager of the Riverside Hotel says their mistake cost the hotel about $40,000 in lost revenue.

Heiko Dobrikow said the hotel was forced to evacuate and relocate all of their guests. He wants answers and he is not alone. 

"Somebody is definelty responsable. There was some negligence," Dobrikow said. "At this point, we don't know what we are going to do."

Last week's water line break in Fort Lauderdale cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. They say FPL employees aren't answering their questions. 

Carlos Giordano, the manager of Red Door Asian Bistro in Las Olas, said he was among the estimated 200,000 customers who lost water. He estimates their losses are about $1,500.

The Galleria Mall was among the businesses affected. It has 120 stores and restaurants that were all forced to close. 

The city of Fort Lauderdale's investigation continues, but their preliminary findings indicate FPL's subcontractor was working in the wrong location. 

Florida Power & Light has a claims section, but it doesn't address the procedure to follow when a subcontractor makes a mistake. The FPL claims hotline is 1-888-443-7717.


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