Hollywood detectives review teen's police brutality claim

Teen says officer damaged bike, used Taser after surrender

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – The Hollywood Police Department is conducting an internal review of allegations that officers engaged in brutal behavior while arresting a 15-year-old boy last week. 

Ramona Miller said her son Jaydon Stubbs and his two friends tried to get away from police officers because he was afraid. She said her son told her that when they caught him, he was a victim of undue violence by the officers. 

Jaydon said a police officer was trying to stop him and his friends for doing wheelies on their bicycles while riding on Hollywood Boulevard. He said he was just having fun, but when he saw the officer he feared for his safety. 

"They split up and went in different directions and the end result is just horrifying," Miller said. 


The officer sped up and used his patrol car intentionally to hit Jaydon's bicycle. His back tire bent and Jaydon said he fell sideways. He was in pain. When he got up, an officer tackled him. Other officers held him down.

Jaydon said the pain turned into agony when an officer shot him with a stun gun. 

"My hands were already behind my back and another police officer just came up and tasered me right there," Jaydon said. 

In an email, a Hollywood Police Department spokesperson said, "There is no question the police vehicle and the arrestee's bicycle made contact during the incident, but preliminary reports suggest the contact was accidental."

As for the claim about the Taser being used after he had already surrendered on the ground, the spokesperson said the preliminary report suggested it was appropriate and within guidelines.

The police officers were not wearing body cameras and the patrol car didn't have a dashcam, according to the Hollywood Police Department. Officers haven't released the police report because the case remains under review. 

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