Video shows woman hit husband with laptop at Miami International Airport

Woman abused husband for looking at other women, passengers say

MIAMI – They say anything can happen in Miami, and now it's true even when you're leaving the Magic City.

A wild scene unfolded Sunday as an American Airlines flight prepared to depart Miami International Airport on its way to Los Angeles.

Video taken by passengers on the flight shows Tiffany McLemore hitting her husband with a laptop following an argument between the two over him looking at other women.

McLemore can be heard yelling and cursing at her husband while several flight attendants stand nearby monitoring the situation. One attendant asks McLemore to refrain from poor language as a young child was sitting behind the couple.

With other passengers looking on, McLemore continues her tirade, telling the man to "never come to her house again."

"You're out of control," her husband says.

They say anything can happen in Miami, and now it's true even when you're leaving the Magic City.

When attendants finally ask the man to get up and move to another seat, McLemore apparently hits the man as he gets up.

As the man walks away, he claims McLemore is assaulting him.

"I'm assaulting you?" McLemore yells.

McLemore then follows her husband down the aisle and hits him in the head and neck area with a laptop computer while asking whether she's still assaulting him.

The laptop also hit a flight attendant who was not seriously injured.

Kailey Goerlitz told Local 10 News she was sitting several rows ahead of the couple when she heard the commotion.

“She was yelling a lot of profanities,” Goerlitz recalled.

As McLemore then swung the laptop at her husband’s back, Goerlitz said she was struck in the face.

"At first I thought it was entertaining, but when it escalated and I got hurt and the airline stewardess got hurt, then it wasn't so funny anymore," she said.

Both McLemore and her husband were pulled from the flight, which was able to depart minutes later.

Police said McLemore's husband was uncooperative and did not want to press charges. He was rebooked on another flight later Sunday, while American Airlines refused to rebook McLemore.

The couple had been returning home on their way from Quito, Ecuador, when the incident occurred.

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