Florida man blames horse for breaking into home


PASCO COUNTY, Fla. – Would the Lone Ranger ever throw Trigger under the bus?

Would Wilbur let Mr. Ed take the fall for a crime he didn't commit?

One Florida man could certainly learn a lesson from accountability and responsibility from those fictional characters.

Lonnie Maddox, 52, was arrested for breaking into a Pasco County home Thursday, but said his horse was the one who committed the crime.

Homeowner Steve Ferguson confronted Maddox after he caught him trying break in to his house. What he heard back from Maddox was truly astounding.

"My horse broke into your house, mister, and I had to go in and get her." said Maddox.

Bay News 9 reports Maddox also told deputies the horse got into Ferguson's yard through a broken fence, but that he went inside the home because he was interested in renting and wanted to see inside.

However, surveillance video shows Maddox and the horse walking around the outside of the home as he tries to get through the front door, but instead breaks a window.

Even worse, Maddox didn't even own the horse that was eventually found two miles away from the home. 

The horse named Angel was returned to its owners while Maddox was charged with burglary of a dwelling.