Man breaks in through roof of Bravo Food Market

Manager says burglar stole tobacco products from Miami convenience store

MIAMI – A manager at a Miami convenience store told Local 10 News that a man burglarized the business by entering through the roof.

The burglary occurred about 3 a.m. Wednesday while the Bravo Food Market on Northwest Second Avenue was closed.

Local 10 News was told the man broke in through the ceiling and stole tobacco products and other items from the store.

The co-owner said a rod-iron fence around the building acted as a ladder for the thief, who climbed up to the roof and cut a hole to get inside. The thief got away with more than $300 worth of cigarettes.


Police are investigating the burglary.

The co-owner said this happens almost monthly. He's wanted to put barbed wire on the roof, but the city won't allow it.