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Man finds out mother's body sold to military and detonated

PHOENIX – A man who donated the body of his late mother to a research center to learn more about Alzheimer's was devasted to learn the truth about where her body ended up.

Jim Stauffer's mother Doris died five years ago after spending the final years of her life suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. Because Doris didn't have the gene for the disease, doctors were interested in studying her brain, but were unable to accept the body.

Instead, Stauffer donated his mother's body to the Biological Resource Center in Arizona in hopes neurologists would study what caused her disease, KABC reports.

However, he recently learned that his mother's body was then sold to the U.S. military for "blast testing" and was strapped to a chair as an expolsive device was detonated beneath.

"To basically kind of get an idea of what the human body goes through when a vehicle is hit by an IED." said Stauffer.

According to the report, the Stauffers were just one of many families who are unaware of what happened to bodies they donated to the BRC.