Hot Florida real estate as realtor shows home in flames in listing

Bay 9
Bay 9

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Florida real estate is always a hot market, but one realtor took things a little too far.

The listing for a home for sale in St. Petersburg shows the house completely engulfed in flames along with a $99,000 price tag.

"Bring your smores (sic) to the campfire and build your dream home!" the listing reads.

Bay 9 spoke to realtor Dylan Jack who said he posted the house fire to draw attention to the listing and to let buyers know the home needs to be demolished.

"The reason why we put the fire picture up is so you know that this property has to be torn down and you can build a new dream spec home," Jack told Bay 9. "It's creative marketing. It's a niche. I got people talking."

The house has been condemned since the fire nine months ago.