Ungrateful son pushes parents' BMW gift into river because he wanted a Jaguar

HARYANA, India – Move over, Veruca Salt. There's a new over-indulged child that's ready to give you a run for your money.

A man celebrating his birthday pushed his brand new car into a river because he was upset his parents got him a BMW instead of a Jaguar.

The Daily Mail reports the Indian man, known as Akash, was angry over receiving a BMW M3 because his mother and father knew he really wanted a Jaguar.

The BMW costs around 3.5 million rupees ($49,000) in India, while the Jaguars are considerably higher priced.

However, after giving it a second thought, and perhaps realizing what a jerk he was, the man dove in with others to help rescue the car.

Police are now investigating the matter and it's unknown if the car was retrieved from the river in working condition.