Florida woman's first date with man ends in police chase

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FLAGER COUNTY, Fla. – We've all had our fair share of bad dates, but one Florida woman may swear off dating altogether after her latest adventure.

The woman and the Orlando-area man she met on a dating website had just eaten dinner on Aug. 8 and were headed back to her house.

Police attempted to ticket the man because of a tag violation, but he didn't slow and authorities used stop sticks to disable the car, WFLA reports.

Once stopped, the man told the woman he didn't have a license and didn't want to go to jail, so he fled on foot and disappeared into the woods.

When questioned by police, the woman said she did not know the man's last name.

This wasn't the first time the woman went on a bad date. Last month she was attempting to drive away from a man she was seeing when he jumped on her car, shattered the windshield and knocked the woman unconscious.