'I want to shoot up a school,' Davie student allegedly wrote on messaging app

Student confessed to posting threat on Discord app, police say

DAVIE, Fla. – A student at Nova High School in Davie was arrested Thursday, a day after posting on a social media app that he wanted to "shoot up a school," authorities said. 

"Our principal announced it on the loud speaker, talking about it, and it's really nothing to joke about. It's a really serious matter. It's a big deal," student Julia Rudolph told Local 10 News reporter Alex Finnie.  

According to his juvenile transcript, authorities received a tip about the threat via the Fortify Florida app.

Police said the threat was made on the messaging app Discord and stated: "I want to shoot up a school. This is a genuine feeling. I want people to suffer. I want to step on and/or over their bloodied corpses and (hear) the squelching of their wounds forcing out that last bit of blood. Then blow their heads off to make sure they're dead. I wish to see those I haven't shot shake in fear and scream and cry at such a heinous act. Then see the shock on their faces once I've shot them too."

According to the juvenile transcript, which had the name and age of the student redacted, detectives met with the student and his mother and the student admitted that he had a Discord account and that he knew the detectives were at his home regarding what he posted on the app.

Police said the student showed the detectives the post from his cellphone.

He was then taken into custody and transported to the Davie Police Department for further questioning.

According to authorities, the student claimed he had no intention of following through on the threat but was expressing how he felt emotionally and wanted people to feel the pain he felt.

Police said the student's mother said she did not have any guns in the home. 

The student was arrested on a charge of making a false report concerning the use of firearms in a violent manner.

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