Fort Lauderdale prepares for king tide, Dorian's storm surge

City's public works departments prepare for flooding

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – King tides are already part of life in South Florida, but water management officials know it is rare to have to deal with king tides and a Category 3 hurricane's storm surge at the same time.

Officials are preparing for certain flooding in low-lying areas

Nancy Gassman, of Fort Lauderdale public works, said the city is expecting the king tide to start on Wednesday. The city's assistant public works director said it is just the beginning of what could be a flooded Labor Day weekend. 

"Dorian is still moving our way and could make things worse," Gassman said. "Depending on exactly the path and the direction that the storm comes in we're going to have different conditions related to the storm surge."

It has been years since cities in South Florida have been battling the king tides. Some have pumps that are ready to prevent flooding, and most homeowners use sandbags to protect their property. 

"All Floridians on the East Coast should have 7 days of supplies, prepare their homes and follow the track closely," Gov. Ron DeSantis tweeted on Wednesday, after President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency on Tuesday night. 

Fort Lauderdale has been struggling with their water system for years. To face the new forecast, Gassman said the city has installed 165 title valves. 

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