Final preparations underway in Bahamas as powerful Hurricane Dorian approaches

Business owners in Bahamas hope to reopen quickly after Hurricane Dorian hits

MARSH HARBOUR, Bahamas – The Bahamas began feeling the effects of Hurricane Dorian on Saturday morning, though the storm itself isn't forecast to hit the islands until sometime Sunday. 

Final preparations were a priority across the Bahamas on Friday and into Saturday morning.

Business owners in Marsh Harbour, a town in the Abaco Islands, spent Saturday boarding up windows and doing anything else they could ahead of the powerful storm. 

Fortunately for residents in the area, Maxwell's Supermarket, the main supermarket on the Abaco Islands, was fully stocked with plenty of food and water. 

The manager of Maxwell's told Local 10's Jenise Fernandez that the store also has a warehouse full of supplies for after the storm hits.

He also said he plans to get the supermarket open as early as possible once Dorian has passed. 
A very popular restaurant in Marsh Harbour that is preparing for the worst is Snappas. 

Already once destroyed by a storm, Snappas was rebuilt in 2004 3 feet higher off the ground to protect against storm damage and flooding. 

"Everything we're going to move out because we don't know how high the [storm] surge is gonna be," said Bill Albury, owner of Snappas. "No one waits around for the government here. Everybody helps each other, and we will be up in short order unless there's an absolute catastrophe."

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