Florida teen tries to hire someone to kill her parents, deputies say

Girl accused of stealing parents' debit card to pay for crime

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. – A 17-year-old girl used her parents' stolen debit card in an attempt to pay someone to kill her mother and father, according to the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said the girl's friend reported the crime, saying that Alyssa Hatcher paid "a lot of money" to a mutual acquaintance in order for that person to kill her parents.

Financial records showed that Hatcher recently used her parents' stolen debit card to make a purchase of $503 and another for $926.40.

Hatcher admitted in a recorded interview with deputies that $100 of the first purchase was used to buy cocaine, then she gave the remaining $400 to a friend to give to someone to kill her parents, according to authorities. 

Since her parents were still not killed, she gave $900 to a man who she hoped would kill them, records show.

Hatcher was arrested Monday on two counts of criminal solicitation for murder. 

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