There are three tropical disturbances spread across the Atlantic Ocean. None will develop quickly, but two of them may require attention this weekend.

Tropical Disturbance No. 1 is pretty healthy, but is wrapped up with an upper-level low pressure system. That combination is not favorable for development for the next few days. The disturbance is forecast to arrive in South Florida on Friday and last into Saturday, when it's likely to move into the Gulf of Mexico. The upper-level winds may become more favorable over the weekend, so a tropical depression may form. People on the northern Gulf coast will have to stay aware next week.

Gusty downpours are forecast in South Florida with the disturbance. Also, the disturbance will likely bring the first significant bad weather to the Bahamas since Dorian.

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Tropical Disturbance No. 2 will struggle against unfavorable upper winds, but may still bring some gusty downpours to some of the eastern Caribbean islands late in the week or early in the weekend.

Tropical Disturbance No. 3 is in an area of unfavorable upper winds, but as it approaches the eastern Caribbean islands late in the weekend or early next week, the atmospherics are expected to become more conducive for the system to develop.

The system may organize fairly quickly in the vicinity of the islands. Residents there should be sure to stay informed.

As a general rule, the stronger the system gets, the sooner it is likely to turn north. Since we don't know how strong Disturbance No. 3 will be early next week, there is no way to know more about the future track.

Otherwise, there are no named storms in the Atlantic, Caribbean or the Gulf of Mexico at this time. That's unusual. About ¾ of the years, there is at least one named storm active.