Home burglary caught on camera after couple left for Hurricane Dorian

MIAMI SHORES, Fla. – Two weeks ago, a Miami Shores couple left their home to get away from Hurricane Dorian. 

While staying in Marathon, they received a phone call from a neighbor that one of their windows was open, so they returned home to find the place ransacked. 

They say $10,000 worth of items had been stolen. 

"It's a little eerie to be quite frank, to think that someone's been rummaging through your house, your bedroom, your child's room," resident Roger Mills said.

Mills and his husband Denis Mishulin say it was one day after they took their 1-year-old son Lucas away from their Biscayne Boulevard home that it was burglarized by two men. 

Mills says the burglars broke into a back bedroom window.

The intruders were captured on the couple's home surveillance cameras.

Mills explained that what is even more frustrating is that Miami-Dade Police investigators have not filed a complete report and no one has dusted the home for fingerprints. 

"Two weeks later now and we still haven't spoke to an investigator," Mills said. "So there hasn't been an official report filed. There's been no attempt at recovering any of the items that were taken."

Anyone with information is urged to contact Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS (8477). 

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