Fun Town, USA! Miami among most 'fun' cities in America

MIAMI – You can't afford to live here and it may be one of the worst places to raise a family, but boy, Miami is "fun!"

A new survey of the Most Fun Cities in America places Miami fourth behind Las Vegas (naturally), Orlando (ugh) and New York (whatever).

The WalletHub survey compared 182 cities across three key dimensions:

  • Entertainment & Recreation
  • Nightlife & Parties
  • Costs

Among those dimensions, 66 metrics were studied ranging from fitness centers per capita to movie costs, and then each city was graded on a 100-point scale.

Miami scored 56.41, way below Las Vegas' total score of 72.39.

To no one's surprise, Miami also ranked low... really low... like, 125th low when it came to costs.

But the Magic City shined in Entertainment & Recreation (9th) and Nightlife & Parties (4th).

Broward County residents received some love as Fort Lauderdale came through in 24th and Pembroke Pines at 147th.

Top 10 Most Fun Cities in America:

1. Las Vegas

2. Orlando

3. New York


5. Chicago

6. Atlanta

7. San Francisco

8. Portland

9. San Diego

10. Los Angeles

16. Tampa


40. Jacksonville

46. St. Petersburg

80. Tallahassee

102. Cape Coral


143. Port St. Lucie

147. Pembroke Pines