Miami-Dade corrections officer charged with sexual battery appears in court

No bond for Miami-Dade corrections officer charged with sexual battery


MIAMI – An officer with the Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department who was arrested for sexual battery appeared in a South Florida courtroom Saturday.

Yulian Gonzalez, 36, was arrested Friday by Miami-Dade police officers after an investigation into a victim's allegations of sexual battery. 

Gonzalez has been charged with four counts of armed sexual battery and four counts of armed kidnapping. 

The judge rejected a theory that it may be a bondable offense based on circumstantial evidence and ordered that Gonzalez be held on no bond. 

The judge also issued a stay away order for the alleged victim, so Gonzalez cannot have any direct or indirect contact with the victim. 

Gonzalez appeared stunned, and just as the hearing was about to be over, he leaned into the microphone and asked "Is there any way possible I could be granted house arrest, by any chance?" 

The judge replied, "not at this time," based on his finding of probable cause for the four counts of armed kidnapping and four counts of armed sexual battery. 


The judge added, "Your lawyer can take it up with the division judge at a later point."

According to prosecutors, the victim was on house arrest when Gonzalez, who was her case manager, threatened to put her in jail if she did not comply with his sexual demands. 

The victim's allegations were corroborated by detectives, who said they have surveillance footage and text messages as evidence. 

Gonzalez has been with the department for about 11 years. 

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