Disabled dog missing since Thursday found dead

A disabled dog missing since the car she was in was stolen has been found dead.

OAKLAND PARK, Fla. – A disabled dog missing since the car she was in was stolen has been found dead.

The search for Zorra started Thursday after her owner's loaner car was stolen from the parking lot of a Dollar Tree on the corner of Andrews Avenue and Oakland Park Boulevard. Zorra was inside the car at the time.

In an emotional Facebook live video posted to a page belonging to 100 Abandoned Dogs of Everglades, Florida, Wanda Ferrari is notified that her dog of 13 years is dead.

The Broward Sheriff's Office confirmed Zorra's death.

More than just a pet, Zorra was a companion to Ferrari during her fight against cancer.

"I really needed Zorra to go through this bout of cancer with me," Ferrari said through tears. "She'd been through the last one with me, but they said they were doing everything that they possibly could and would continue to do what they definitely could do to make sure this person comes to justice."

"We have not been given any other information by police except the car was found and Zorra has passed. We are horrified at this news, we can't imagine what this poor baby went through," Jamie Katz, a private investigator working on locating Zorra, wrote on her Facebook page.""We hope the person responsible for this will be found and justice served." 

On Monday, Katz was able to obtain footage from the Dollar Tree parking lot where Ferrari's car was stolen, hoping the latest video plus a $3,000 cash reward would offer a clue to the wheelchair-bound dog's whereabouts.

No arrests have been made in the vehicle theft.