Brothers arrested for bringing gun to school

Vehicle search revealed loaded gun, several other weapons

PINECREST, Fla. – Two brothers were arrested after bringing a loaded gun, brass knuckles and knives to a Pinecrest high school, police said.

According to reports, a Miami-Dade police officer received an anonymous tip from a student at Miami Palmetto Senior High School that Joshua Mizelle, 17, was in possession of narcotics and a loaded gun.

Upon initial questioning, Mizelle did not have any items in his possession inside the school, but did comply with the officer's request to search his vehicle in the school parking lot. In the vehicle, the officer found a loaded handgun, brass knuckles and two knives.

As Mizelle was being put into custody, he told the arresting officer that he had told his brother to stop bringing the gun to school several times. Further investigation revealed that the gun had been brought to the school for the last two weeks.

The officer then escorted Jonathan Mizelle, 15, to the parking lot where he was questioned. He admitted to the officer that the gun was his and was carrying it for protection. He was subsequently arrested. 

Both brothers are facing identical charges because they came to school in the same vehicle and had equal access to the weapons inside.

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