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Don't laugh. Miami named one of the 'Best Driving Cities in America'

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MIAMI – Like Buster Douglas beating Mike Tyson or the U.S. Olympic hockey team defeating the Russians, the City of Miami has pulled off one of the greatest upsets of all-time.

Incredibly, Miami... yes, the version in Florida, not Ohio or Oklahoma... was named one of the best driving cities in America.

No. 4 in the entire country!

We know, we can't believe it either.

The rankings listed by QuoteWizard used data from "millions of insurance quotes" to determine the best driving cities.

The cities were evaluated on four factors: Accidents, Speeding Tickets, DUIs and Citations.

Miami ranked just behind Detroit, Louisville and Chicago.

According to QuoteWizard, the Magic City "received high marks for their DUI rates and generally good scores across the board."

On the flip-side, Portland (Oreg.) was named the worst driving city, followed by Boise and Virginia Beach.

Best Driving Cities in America:

  • 1. Detroit
  • 2. Louisville
  • 3. Chicago
  • 4. MIAMI
  • 5. Grand Rapids
  • 6. Little Rock
  • 7. St. Louis
  • 8. New Orleans
  • 10. Lexington