Great white shark attacked by even bigger shark


NEW YORK – What the movie "Jaws" did to raise the fear of sharks in humans, an incident off the U.S. coast is likely to do the same to the sharks themselves.

A 13-foot great white shark tracked by Ocearch researchers was found with head wounds after it's believed to have been attacked by even larger sharks.

Yes, full on shark vs. shark war.

Ocearch posted a photo of Vimy with wounds to his head after he was spotted off the Connecticut coast. According to the organization, one of the wounds was fresh, while the other was healing.

Researchers believe Vimy was attacked by either a male shark he was competing with for a female, or a larger female that wanted nothing to do with him, the Charlotte Observer reports.

White sharks live in a tough world. Need proof? Check out white shark Vimy’s head. He appears to have two big bite marks...

Posted by OCEARCH on Monday, October 14, 2019