Local 10 LIFE Awards honors South Florida residents

Once again, Local 10 is honoring those residents who make a positive difference in South Florida in the 2019 My Future, My Choice LIFE Awards.

The awards were handed out in the following four categories with one youth winner and an adult winner:

Leadership - This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated exceptional character personally, professionally and academically, made sustained contributions to his/her profession or school, mentored the next generation of leaders and volunteered significant time serving vulnerable members of his/her community.

Inspiration - This award recognizes an individual who has defied the odds or transformed a tragedy into triumph. This individual has demonstrated grace in the face of adversity, overcome hardships, achieved academic or professional excellence and established programs, school clubs and/or initiatives to help propel others to success.

Family - This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated unconditional love, been a consistent and comforting presence to loved ones in and outside the home, exemplified good character, sound decision-making and a solid work ethic, and actively fostered the academic, personal and professional advancement of family members.

Education - This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated a record of academic excellence, creativity in project innovation and leadership, an ability to inspire others to reach their academic potential and effectively mentor or tutor students.

There were also two awards presented to individuals who have tirelessly and selflessly served their community. These are:

LIFEchanger Award – This award recognizes a hometown hero who entered a person’s life at a pivotal point and made a significant impact.

LIFEtime Award – This award recognizes a community member who’s dedicated his or her life to the betterment of others.