VIDEO: FIU student robbed by armed suspect inside on-campus garage

Video shows victim attempting to stop suspects by jumping on hood

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – A Florida International University student was robbed Friday inside a parking garage on the Southwest Miami-Dade campus.

Police say the male student had left campus to go to the bank and was followed back to campus.

Security video shows the student parking his white sedan inside Parking Garage 6 as the suspects block him in from behind.

One of the suspects gets out of his vehicle and approaches the victim and robs the man. 

After the robbery, one of the suspects brandished a gun before fleeing the scene with another man in a black or gray Honda.

As the suspects drove away, the victim hops on the hood of the getaway car in an attempt to stop the men. One of the suspects then gets out of the car and pulls the victim off the hood.

The student was injured in the robbery, but the extent of his injuries is not known.

Police advised students and staff to avoid the area near the garage, but have since given the all-clear signal to resume normal activities.

Anyone with information on the suspects is urged to contact FIU Police at 305-348-2626,.

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