Closing arguments held in trial of middle school janitor accused of molesting students

Defense attorneys point to lack of evidence in student molestation trial

The case of a former middle school janitor accused of molesting students could soon go to the jury. 

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The trial of a former Coral Springs Middle School janitor accused of molesting students has gone to the jury. 

Prosecutors reminded the jury that defendant Robert Grant, 29, is accused of inappropriately touching the victim at least 10 times, and that it happened prior to the main incident at the center of the trial.

That took place in October 2017, when it is alleged that Grant performed oral sex on the victim.

Defense attorneys were quick to point out that there is no DNA evidence, no fingerprints and no other witnesses to confirm what the student is alleging. 

In court Monday, video of police questioning the suspect shortly after his arrest was shown. Grant told investigators he didn’t know who would make such allegations. 

A Coral Springs police detective testified that Grant never admitted to the crimes during the three-hour interview. 

While on the stand, the detective also said investigators never retrieved evidence from the victim's body. 

But all five victims, including the one who is the focus of the trial, have taken the stand and had similar stories. 

If convicted, Grant could face up to life in prison. 

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