Rally held in West Miami to support Trump, former adviser Roger Stone

Stone attends rally days before his trial begins

WEST MIAMI, Fla. – Close to a 100 people gathered Saturday at the Renaissance Ballroom in West Miami for a rally to support President Donald Trump and his former adviser Roger Stone, who attended the event just days away from the start of his trial. 

Stone is out on bond after being indicted on federal charges of obstruction, lying to Congress and witness tampering. 

Stone couldn't comment on the charges because of a gag order. 

However, he did touch on the accomplishments of the Trump administration, the challenges Trump faces in the 2020 election and the current impeachment process as House Democrats focus in on the Ukraine scandal. 

"I think he needs to take it very seriously," Stone said. "When you have the Democratic Party in a league with the mainstream media, that is a very powerful tool."

Stone also assessed Trump's chances of being acquitted if he was impeached.

"I think that the president needs to shore up his support in the Senate in those states where you have a Republican senator," he said. "As long as the president remains more popular in those states than the senator, then I think he will be acquitted if he is impeached."

The rally was organized by the Hialeah Republican Club.

Stone said proceeds of tickets sales will go toward his legal defense fund.

Stone has pleaded not guilty to all seven federal charges filed against him. His trial will begin Tuesday in Washington.

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