Babies lost at Jackson Memorial Hospital post was social media hoax


MIAMI – A story about babies being lost at Miami's Jackson Memorial Hospital has been deemed a social media hoax.

The hoax began with a post to Facebook on Thursday claiming a man's "first born" child had been lost by officials at the hospital.

"You was my first born never got a chance to hold you now I had to make funeral arrangement for you now the hospital say they lost you lord please help find my baby girl so I can bury her." was written in the post.

The post was shared over 1,000 times, with other Facebook users spreading the story to countless others.

However, the story was not true, leading the hospital to release a statement on Friday.

"A social media hoax falsely claims that one or more babies went missing from our hospital." wrote a spokesperson from Jackson Health System. "This is completely untrue and reprehensible. At least one of the photos associated with this hoax can be found online with completely unrelated stories from years ago. The public can rest assured that the safety of all of our patients is our highest priority."