Miami-Dade mayor meets with commissioners to discuss Formula 1 race

Carlos Gimenez met with Dennis Moss, Barbara Jordan


MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Late Tuesday afternoon, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Giménez met with Formula 1 representatives, as well as County Commissioners Dennis Moss and Barbara Jordan. 

The meetings come in the wake of Friday's veto of an Oct. 29 county resolution that would change the process to close roads for racing near residential neighborhoods. 

In his Friday message about the veto of the resolution, the mayor stated that "this legislation would prohibit the Formula One race in its current configuration from taking place in Miami Gardens."

Tuesday, Gimenez told Local 10 News' Christina Vazquez, "if the veto is sustained...we can continue to have these discussions. If the veto is overridden, then, actually, that resolution says that street racing is prohibited in Miami Gardens. That is why I vetoed it. I mean, this race isn't slated to go for about a year and a half. 

"I think we need to continue talking instead of just killing it outright. Formula 1 is like a Super Bowl and having a Super Bowl here every year I think is a good thing and so for the entirety of Miami-Dade and the entirety of the region. Now I understand that the people that live around the stadium have some concerns."

An Office of the Mayor communications spokesperson said it would require a two-thirds vote by commissioners to override a mayoral veto.

Since 2015, Gimenez's office has issued four vetos, including this one, with varying results.

The 2015 veto of a resolution limiting checked luggage wrapped in plastic was sustained.

A 2018 veto regarding an independent review panel was removed in order for the proposal to be reworked.

A 2019 veto for a resolution requiring airport contractors to pay a living wage was sustained.