Paramedic arrested after allegedly stealing diamond from dead patient

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – A paramedic has been arrested after allegedly cutting a ring off a dead patient's finger and then selling the 1.7 carat diamond to a pawn shop.

Lisa Darlene Graze, 50, of Hot Springs (Ark.) responded to an emergency call for Gloria Robinson on Oct. 16, the Sentinel-Record reports. Robinson later died after being taken to the hospital by Graze and her crew.

After being given Robinson's personal effects, her sisters noticed three of her rings were missing. One sister asked Glaze were the missing rings were located and received no answer as the paramedic walked away.

Robinson's husband was given two of the rings days later, but the third ring containing the single marquis cut diamond was still missing.

On Oct. 24, Glaze reportedly sold a diamond solitaire ring at a local pawn shop for $45. A shop employee notified police after it appeared the ring had been cut.

Police shared photos of the ring sold to the pawn shop with Robinson's family who identified it as the missing ring. The pawn shop employee also identified Glaze as the person who sold the ring.

Glaze was taken into custody Monday and charged with a felony county of theft by receiving over $5,000, and a misdemeanor count of unlawful transfer of stolen property to a pawn shop.