Elections supervisor apologizes for 54,000 erroneous letters

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – More than 50,000 Broward County voters received a confusing letter from the Broward County supervisor of elections warning people that they could be removed from voter rolls because their addresses were wrong.

Broward County Supervisor of Elections Pete Antonacci admits that the 54,000 letters sent from his offices were a mistake. Antonacci said, however, that no voter has been made "inactive."

"No one has been taken out of the system," Antonacci told Local 10.

The supervisor of elections said he was trying to identify voters who had moved. 

The letter stated in bold letters: "Address confirmation final notice: The Supervisor of Elections has received information that you may no longer live at the address on our voter registration records."

He did receive four complaints. "They were four important complaints to me because it got us focused on internal issues that need fixing," said Antonacci.

A Broward County congressional delegation, consisting of Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Ted Deutch, Alcee Hastings and Frederica Wilson, sent Antonacci a letter saying that the mailer undermined voter confidence and caused confusion.
The members of Congress requested that Antonacci "determine the cause of those errors, correct them, and issue communications to reaffirm the registration of voters who should not have received them. Without clarification, voters who received the erroneous notifications from your office will be under the assumption that their voter registration is at risk."

Antonacci didn't disagree. "I'm going to get a postcard out next week apologizing for the inconvenience."

On Friday, Nov. 15, at noon, he will also host a conference call to explain why he sent out the mailer, why it was wrong and what he is going to do to correct it.

To participate or listen in on the call, the number is 954-357-5481.

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