Gun, several magazines found in duffel bag left in donation drop box

Employee makes discovery Friday morning in Miami

MIAMI – A box where clothes and shoes are typically dropped off as donations became the site of a police investigation Friday morning in Miami.

Miami police Officer Kenia Fallat said a duffel bag containing a handgun and various magazines was discovered by an employee at the drop box along North Federal Highway.

The man, who identified himself only as Jose, said he found the bag sitting on top of a pile of donations when he unlocked the box.

This man points to where he found a duffel bag containing a gun and several magazines inside a donation drop box along North Federal Highway in Miami.

He said employees sometimes find drugs inside the boxes, but he never expected to find a bag of weapons.

Police are investigating to determine where the gun came from and if it's been used in a violent crime.

A gun and several magazines were found in this Adidas duffel bag left in a donation drop box in Miami.