Cannabis-infused gravy coming to your Thanksgiving dinner

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MIAMI – For those who want a “chill” Thanksgiving, a new cannabis-infused gravy may be the ticket.

A California company is debuting its new take on the holiday dinner staple which allows for faster THC absorption. Kiva Confections claims that after 15 minutes, users will start feeling the effects of the cannabinoids so they can “sit back, relax, and let the holiday cheer wash over you.”

The single-serve gravy is infused with 10mg of THC, while also including turkey stock, salt, onion and garlic to replicate the taste of traditional gravy.

Even better, the company says their gravy will be absorbed into the stomach instead of the liver.

And if you miss out on the gravy, Kiva Confections promises a cannabis-infused hot cocoa for the December holiday season.