VIDEO: Iguana rescued after being trapped on I-95

Iguana rescued from I-95
Iguana rescued from I-95 (Cintia Amstalden)

BOCA RATON, Fla. – With no emergency crews in the vicinity, mild-mattered South Florida residents took it upon themselves to don their capes and rescue a wayward iguana that got itself trapped on I-95 Tuesday morning.

The large reptile was seen by passing motorists wandering on the Spanish River exit off the major highway in Boca Raton.

A group of men pulled over to the side in an attempt to save the poor creature. The four-legged rascal got away after one try to trap it, but a second attempt was more successful.

The man who caught the iguana brought it over to the other side of the ramp where he released it back into the “wild.” The iguana quickly scurried off without even a wave or tip of his tail.

No matter, it was a job well done for a few unsung heroes.