Fort Lauderdale nearly the least safe city in America, study shows

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – It may have gorgeous weather and a ton of fun activities, but Fort Lauderdale is near the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the safest cities in the U.S.

A new study by WalletHub ranks Fort Lauderdale 181st out of 182 cities in America when it comes to safety. The company conducted the study using three key dimensions, including Home & Community Safety, Natural-Disaster Risk and Financial Safety.

Only St. Louis fared worse than Fort Lauderdale in the rankings.

Home & Community Safety and Financial Safety seemingly did in Fort Lauderdale as the city ranked 169th and 174th respectively.

The main ranking dimensions were broken down even further with data such as assaults and sex offenders per capita, murders and hate crimes factoring in to Home & Community Safety. While unemployment rates, uninsured population and job security played a part in Financial Safety.

Miami did a little better with an overall ranking of 131, but Hialeah was the highest-ranked Miami-Dade city at 96th.


  • 1. Columbia, Maryland
  • 2. Yonkers, New York
  • 3. Plano, Texas
  • 4. Gilbert, Arizona
  • 5. South Burlington, Vermont
  • 6. Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • 7. Bismark, North Dakota
  • 8. Nashua, New Hampshire
  • 9. Chandler, Arizona
  • 10. Warwick, Rhode Island
  • 27. Cape Coral
  • 65. Tallahassee
  • 90. Tampa
  • 96. HIALEAH
  • 124. Jacksonville
  • 131. MIAMI
  • 164. Orlando
  • 168. St. Petersburg