Newark to London in 3 hours? Supersonic speeds on horizon for United Airlines

United Airlines Boomaero 'Overture' airliner (Courtesy: United Airlines)

If you’re not a fan of using up a whole vacation day to get to your travel destination, United Airlines will soon have a solution for you.

The airline just completed a $3 billion deal with Boom Technology to buy 15 of the company’s ‘Overture’ aircraft for $200 million a plane.

These aircraft will fly at 1,300 miles per hour. That’s twice the speed of sound. That pace will get you where you need to go in half the time, and Boom touts that the planes are also much more environmentally friendly, because they fly on 100% sustainable fuel.

United will use the jets for transatlantic and transpacific trips, and promise three-hour flights from Newark to London and six-hour flights from San Francisco to Tokyo.

The supersonic United commercial flights will take off as early as 2029.

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