A recipe for happiness

By Glenna Milberg - Reporter
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MIAMI - This is not about Kim Kardashian. 

It's about Mary Claire Orenic.

Who? Thanks for asking.

Mary Claire Orenic and Kim Kardashian both made big news this week, which is probably the only thing they will ever have in common. 

Millions followed one of them obsessively and likely missed the other completely.  Even if you weren't trying, there were details everywhere about the divorce, about a marriage measured in days (hours, even, for those interested in fun math), about the price tag on the wedding made not in heaven but in Production Control, and about keeping up with Kardashian's intimate relationships (which technically cease to be intimate when it's done for public consumption, but that's another story)..

For the record, I still don't get why she is newsworthy.  Stunningly beautiful, yes.  Headline news? No.

And, for the record, I don't care, except on a human-to-human level, I hope she's happy.

Which brings me to Mary Claire Orenic.

This week, Ms. Orenic was declared the Happiest Woman in America based on a list of factors by people at a company called Healthways, who describe their mission as ''improved well-being, decreased healthcare costs", etc.

Apparently, Mary Claire has crafted a life that fits into factors determining happiness:

Works in a satistfying job full-time? Check.

Household income of $120,000+.  Check.

Married? Check.

Few caretaker responsibilities? Check.

Short commute to work? Check.

Regular exercise? Check

Notice there are no happiness factors mentioning fame or even notoriety.  Apparently, relationships that are scripted, videotaped and/or broadcast to millions may not be all that fulfilling.  What about having millions hang on your every heartfelt tweet?  Joy void there, too.

We may never personally get to see the happy life of Mary Claire Orenic.  But Kim?  Is she happy?  

Maybe she'll tweet about it.

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