Abused pit bulls being treated in Jacksonville

3 dogs treated for open wounds, broken bones

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Three dogs that were victims of "trunking," a type of dog fighting that is starting to become a trend in South Florida neighborhoods, are now being rehabilitated by a pit bull rescue in Jacksonville.

An affectionate exchange is the result of countless hours of patience and persistence.

"You're a good boy, yes you are," said Jen Watson of Pit Sisters in Jacksonville.

Watson and her team at Pit Sisters helped rescue Chance, one of three dogs rescued by the only pit bull rescue in Jacksonville.

The animals were saved from what Miami investigators believe was part of a troubling new trend called "trunking."

"People put two dogs in the back of a car, a trunk, shut the trunk door, blare the music so no one can hear what's going on, and have the dogs fight until one dog is dead, or pretty badly mortally wounded," said Watson.

Because the dogs are adults, re-learning appropriate behaviors can be tough, often making the rehabilitation process a slow one.

"You make them comfortable in their surroundings, and then you start 500 yards away and you gradually reward good behavior," said Watson. "Make sure you don't get them too close, too upset."

But since working with the Pit Sisters' team, which includes a canine aggression expert, the dogs appear to be thriving and on track to one day finding a forever home.

"They are the most loving dogs. They just want to sit in your lap and kiss you. They hold no grudges," said Watson. "They're moving on with their lives and we're happy to be able to help them with that."

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