Affidavit details evidence in woman's murder

Kimberly Lindsey's body found in Hendry County; Albert Lambert died of drug overdose

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - A probable cause affidavit details what police found as they investigated the disappearance of a woman whose decapitated body was found in Hendry County.

Kimberly Lindsey was last seen Sunday. While one of her three daughters pleaded for help finding her, her ex-husband, Albert Lambert, told deputies he wanted to speak with an attorney before talking to them.

Lambert and Lindsey divorced in November of 2012. They were going through court hearings over alimony and child support, and Lambert refused to present the required documents about the issues, according to court records.

On Oct. 25, Lambert told the judge that he would either "disappear or go to jail" before he paid child support or alimony. Six days prior, on Oct. 19, he picked up a new .22-caliber rifle that he bought from a gun shop in West Palm Beach, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Lambert and Lindsey's youngest daughter, 16-year-old Savannah Lambert, stayed with her father on Saturday and Sunday while her mother was visiting Savannah's sister, Sophia Lambert, in Fort Myers, police said. She told deputies she fell asleep about 10:30 p.m. Sunday, then woke up 5 a.m. Monday to go to school.

Her father left for work at Raulerson Hospital in Okeechobee while she went to school. Administrators at Bak Middle School of the Arts, where Lindsey worked as a nurse, then contacted Savannah Lambert and said her mother hadn't shown up for work.

Savannah Lambert drove to her mother's home and left her car there, where deputies conducting a welfare check found it later in the day.

At Lindsey's home, deputies found blood smeared across the headboard of her bed, and blood inside a bra on the floor, according to a probable cause affidavit. More blood was found on a wooden banister leading downstairs.

Outside, police saw blood on the bumper and trunk door of Savannah Lambert's car.

"It should be noted that the area of the blood is consistent with a bloodied object/person being placed inside of the trunk and the trunk door pushing down, causing the blood to seep through the cracks," stated the affidavit.

When contacted by deputies Tuesday, Lambert said he wanted to speak with an attorney and that he "did not do anything wrong," according to the affidavit.

The next day, workers in a sugar cane field in Hendry County found a beheaded body. Its fingertips had been removed, and a bullet was found in her chest. The body was later identified as Lindsey.

The forensic lab then matched the blood taken from the body to that found inside the car. On Saturday, deputies found blood on clothing and a towel at Lambert's home.

The next day, Lambert died of a drug overdose at a residence he owned in Miami where his sister lived.

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