Allen West wants recount in election

Republican Allen West trails Democrat Patrick Murphy in US House of Representatives District 18 race

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. - U.S. Rep. Allen West, who is running for election in District 18 in the U.S. House of Representatives, is asking for a recount.

West is trailing Democrat Patrick Murphy for the seat. He spoke Thursday morning at a Veterans Day event at Pompano Beach High School.

"I think it's important that a good and fair election has been done. There have been some discrepancies," said West.

The Tea Party favorite, who currently represents District 22 in the House, said it was too early to call the race.

"Look, they are still counting up in Palm Beach County," said West. "We picked up 300 more votes with the absentee balloting and they are going to continue that today. The Associated Press -- no one has called this race. As a matter of fact, I think they are still counting throughout Florida."

On Tuesday night, Murphy was ahead by about 2,400 votes. According to the Palm Beach Post, provisional and absentee ballots counted in Palm Beach County on Wednesday cut into Murphy's lead, leaving him ahead of West by about 2,200 votes, a 0.66 percent margin.

A 0.5 percent margin would cause the state to issue an automatic recount, which Allen is asking for anyway.

"At about 2 in the morning, they had us up by 2,000 votes and they went and recounted votes that would've already been counted. It came back that we were down 2,400, and there were some problems with closing and locking doors up in St. Lucie," said West. "So, there's a hearing today on those type of things and we will get the results from it."

West filed a motion in Palm Beach County and St. Lucie County asking for a recount. The first hearing will be held at noon Friday.

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