American Airlines shows off new Boeing fleet

Dreamliner is more fuel, cost efficient

DALLAS, Texas - From the cockpit of the brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, American seems like an airline in control of it's future.

On Friday, executives smiled and  applauded when the new plane landed at the Dallas Ft. Worth airport for the first time.

The aircraft is one of 42 new Dreamliners designed to revamp the oldest fleet in the commercial airline industry. They are quieter, lighter, & they can get further on less fuel.

The Dreamliner also has some interesting new features. For example, the windows are larger, and there are no more window shades. The overhead space is also much larger.

But the new plane fleet did not come without some turbulence behind the scenes at American Airlines. The airline is currently battling its unions in bankruptcy court, trying to terminate labor contracts and cut $1.25 billion out of the budget.

Hundreds of thousands of people are worried about their jobs, many of them here in South Florida.

But with so many financial issues, how is the company able to afford the new planes? American actually bought this fleet in 2008, around the same time as the market crash. Executives insist the planes will funnel money into the airline and help transport American Airlines into a more stable future.

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