Animal rescue group helps rescue pit bulls

Rock, featured on Local 10 finds a home

By Jacey Birch - Anchor/Animal Advocate

MIAMI - Barking dogs -- sad and scared animals -- some abused, other abandoned and even more just sick and neglected. These are the animals that fill the cages and kennels at Miami-Dade Animal Services.

But one dog has a ticket out.

On Friday, we told you about Rock. Just three days ago, he looked like many of the sad, abused dogs that end up at the shelter each day. But 72 hours later, there's a new and improved Rock.

"They heal very quickly and they bounce back really quickly. They're very resilient, He's a happy dog," said animal advocate Debra Stitt.

Rock was found abused and chained to a fence. All this big boy needed was some tender loving care. 

"This is a dog that has never experienced kindness and happiness and look at how nice he's being still. That's what does it. He deserves a chance," Stitt said.

It's a chance he now has. As a pit bull breed, Rock is not allowed to live in Miami-Dade County. So, animal rescue reps joined forces to help save bully breed dogs that end up at the shelter.

"We pull them out and get them out of Dade County. That's the only thing we can do to save them," said Molly Cybulski of Xtreme Rescue.

"It took a village to make this happen," said bully breed advocate Dahlia Canes.

And thanks to that village, a foster home was found for this rock star of a dog.

"He'll have his own room, his own bathroom, his own suite," Stitt said.

It's a far cry from the streets of Miami.

"I have tears in my eyes right now, I'm just amazed that he's enjoying a freedom walk and going on that freedom ride and getting his foster Mommy," Stitt said.

And Rock's story is not over yet. Even though he's headed to Lakeland for a few months of recovery, he still has not found a forever home.

Watch Local 10 and for updates on Rock.

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