Atty. General Investigates FWM Labs

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - Hundreds of complaints about a Hollywood-based company are coming in from all over the country.

Consumers who ordered a product online told Local 10's Jeff Weinsier that what they thought was a free trial offer is anything but -- and getting their money back is impossible.

The Dumpster behind FWM Labs in Hollywood is full of returned products from customers all over the country -- consumers who want their money back.

The company's elaborate, celebrity-filled Web site claims that by taking their product, Acai Elite, you can flush out excess pounds, remove harmful toxins, get more energy, even reduce gas and bloating.

Simply pay for shipping and handling and you get a free trial. If you don't like the product, you can return it within 14 days and request your money back.

Local 10 spoke with customers who said the products and charges kept coming even after they asked for a refund.

"We thought there should not be a charge for $87. Shipping and handling was $5," said Jacque Boscano.

"I was shocked they were charging $87 for something I never authorized, ever," said Lynne Baum.

Baum said her charges are over $300 and canceling through an 800 number is impossible.

"Whenever I would get through to them I was given the runaround. 'Sorry ma'am, there is no manager here,'" Baum said.

"I let them know several times that I didn't order this and they chose to ignore me," Boscano said.

The Better Business Bureau said it has more than 700 complaints against FWM Labs of Hollywood. The president of the company, Brian J. Weiss, didn't return e-mails Local 10 sent to him.

The state attorney general's office has now launched an investigation against the company. FWM Labs' Web site lists a number of additional addresses in South Florida.

It says you can contact them at 2495 Stirling Road, #20, but that's a P.O. box. A woman at the location said mail and boxes are piled up, but no one comes to pick them up.

Another section of the Web site said customers can return products to an office in North Miami Beach.

Local 10 went there too. That office is empty and returns are also piled up.

To stop all the charges, consumers told Local 10 they have to cancel their credit and debit cards.

"When I called my bank, they said I wasn't the only one who has called about this," Baum said.

No one at FWM Labs would talk to Local 10. Those at one office even called the police on us.

While the claims on their Web site say you will feel better, consumers say "Beware!"

If you have had a similar issue with FWM Labs, you can file a complaint with the state attorney general's office.

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