Author explores connection between science, spirituality

British author Linda Hoy claims she saw angels

By Constance Jones - Anchor

MIAMI - A British author explores the relationship between science and spirituality in her new book after claiming to have seen angels at a hospital just before her mother died.

Linda Hoy wrote "The Effect," which "counters that science can reveal the existence of the spiritual plane described by the world's leading religious movements," according to her website.

"I thought myself as a very rational, scientific person and I thought I am not going to believe this is a heavenly miracle. But then I got surrounded by angels," said Hoy.

Hoy said she never considered herself spiritual or religious before that day.

"What is so important about this kind of experience, well, you can't deny it and say that it couldn't have happened," she said.

Dr. Edward Sunshine, a theology professor at Barry University, said those experience may be real or simply fabricated.

"There are people that scientist who are trying to explain religious premonitions in different states that engage in mediation that can measure the changes in the brain that is occurring so they can get a better understanding of what is happening," said Sunshine.

Sunshine added that scientists have only begun to explore the possibilities of a fourth dimension.

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