Baron James

"I'm living a dream-come-true," says Local 10's Baron James. "I'm absolutely thrilled and grateful to be part of the Local 10 News team and living in this South Florida paradise no less."

Baron spent 10 years at FOX 4 News in Dallas-Fort Worth as a weeknight main anchor/full-time journalist/passionate humanitarian.

He was born in Louisiana and studied pre-med at Xavier University in New Orleans, before wrapping up journalism school at Louisiana Tech University. He put aside his original plans to become an anesthesiologist and landed his first television news job in Monroe, LA.

Baron has shared with viewers many one-on-one chats with a wide-range of public figures, politicians, celebs, humanitarians and his personal favorites -- ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

He was on the ground as authorities searched for answers, after the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded in the sky over North Texas killing all the astronauts on board.

And he's quite familiar with weather coverage -- from tornadoes to snow and ice and hurricanes along the Louisiana and Texas coastlines.

But he also has a lover for telling the good news stories. Stories like that of a 90-year-old woman, Miss Anna Seals, who was living in squalor rat and roach infested housing, getting limited assistance, until he and his news team were able to improve Miss Anna's living situation and that of so many other seniors.

"I thank God I'm at Local 10 news to work my tail off for you," Baron says. "My philosophy is that news should be informative and balanced -- not all bad news -- but good news too, more of a true reflection of the lives we live or aspire to live."

Baron says that one of the greatest and most fulfilling ways he knows of to connect our lives and experiences is through helping others -- volunteering, community service.

He has volunteered his time to help many organizations, including Educational First Steps (helping underprivileged kids get the resources they need to learn); Contact Crisis Line, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS); SPCA; The Mayor's Summer Reading Program and Toys4Tots.

"I also hope to see and meet you as I passionately volunteer my energy, heart and hands with charitable and other non-profit groups to serve our many diverse communities here in South Florida," Baron says.

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