Bath Time!

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Bath time with my girls is my favorite! I love sitting on the floor in their bathroom and watching and listening to them play. There are never temper tantrums in the tub or meltdowns of any sort. They're just happy! 

Coming home from work last night (or on most nights I should say) I didn't get that big welcoming I always look for. I rush to get home to them and when I walk in the door I get hugs if I'm lucky and then they run off to continue doing what ever they were doing before I got there. 

But while sitting there last night, during bath time, I watched my four year old play with a little Cinderella and Fred (from Scooby Doo) figurines. She was pretending Cinderella had just gotten home from work and she said in her "Fred" voice: 

"Hi baby girl how was you day? I missed you so much." Then they hugged. 

Even if my girls pay ME no attention when I finish an 11-hour least now I know they are paying attention to what I SAY.

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