Beauty suites give entrepreneurs new opportunity

Hairstylists run businesses out of suites

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. - Traditional spas and salons may be a thing of the past as new, privately run suites start popping up. 

"My son is home so I try to get out early at least Wednesday," Wendy Matovelle told local 10's Jen Herrera. 

For the first time in more than 10 years Matovelle is making her own hours. The longtime hair stylist took the leap and is now out on her own, renting a suite with 33 other new entrepreneurs at Salonz Beauty Suites in Pembroke Pines. At her new place, she calls the shots. 

"Usually, this is a commission-based industry, so you don't have to share that anymore, and the fact that we're going into a suite, you don't have the huge overhead in owning a salon," she said. 

The concept is simple. Hairstylists, cosmetologists, nail techs and aestheticians each have their own suite under one roof. They pay rent but pocket all of their profits. 

"They bring themselves, their tools and their customers, and they can start their own business within a few weeks," said Salonz Suites leasing manager Maria Gonzalez. 

There's no salon or spa owner getting a cut of their services, which is better for their business and for clients. 

"I can actually offer my professional services at a lower price, which is great for them," said Candy Bonura, an aesthetician who opened her own suite more than one month ago. "It's just great for everybody." 

It's a win-win for plazas where the spas are located, too. Many plazas have empty retail space that has been vacant for a couple of years now. 

"Those 34 tenants that are occupying the suites bring in 10, 20 people per day per suite, so it creates a lot of traffic. It creates a lot of market for the plaza itself," said Gonzalez.

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