Bees kill two South Florida dogs

Veterinarian says dogs stung at least 300 times

SOUTH FLORIDA - A swarm of Africanized bees went on the attack, killing two family pets while their pregnant owner stood by helplessly.

"The nest was like inside the fence on the other side," said Lauri Deane. "I let both of the dogs out back here."

Deane is traumatized by what happened next. In just moments, the bees attacked her dogs.

"Five minutes later, I heard both of them crying at the door," she said.

"I saw both dogs just covered in what looked like hundreds of bees, maybe thousands," she said.

Deane, who is seven months pregnant, wanted to save her pets, but it was too dangerous for her to go outside.

Her teacup Yorkie, Roxie, didn't make it.

"I took her right to the vet, but she was too little and she was stung too many times," she said.

DJ, her yellow Labrador was able to hang on a little longer. We met the lovable Lab on Tuesday.

"The vet said that our Lab probably got stung 300 to 400 times. He's in liver failure now and the doctor did say that he's in septic shock so, he's in pretty bad shape," Deane told Local 10 on Tuesday.

Sadly, DJ died just hours later.

"The exterminator just said that he's taken out many of these Africanized honey bees, many of the nests in this area," Deane said.

As sad as she is about losing her dogs, Deane and her neighbors all say it could have been much worse had the dogs attacked Deane and her unborn child.

They are now cautioning other residents in South Florida to aware of the danger these bees can pose.

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