Bless this mess

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Trust me when you read this it was so much worse than what you are about to picture! 

I got home last night and, as always, couldn't wait to see my family. I have to say I feel so fortunate that at the end of my day I can't WAIT to get home and see my husband and my kids.

Well… last night that lovey feeling didn't last long! 

I walked in to discover every single thing…and I mean EVERY toy, puzzle, sticker, coloring book, pizza maker, DVD and EVERYTHING that we keep in the cabinets of our entertainment center... had been dumped in the floor. The puzzles (and we have a lot of them) were tossed; the pieces everywhere. Anyone with little girls knows about the Melissa and Doug magnetic dress up dolls (and all the pieces of clothing). Imagine all of those tiny shoes and hats all mixed up with puzzle pieces and all of that other stuff. 

I wanted to cry. 

I couldn't yell. I had been gone all day. That's not what I want to do to my kids when I walk in the door.  And I didn't want to argue with my husband in front of my girls…so I asked what happened…got an unacceptable answer and started to clean up. I was FUMING! It took me about an hour before dinner (which my husband politely decided to finish preparing) to put a dent in the mess. I sat down, still in my dress, big hair and full face of make up and started searching for the pieces and started putting the puzzles back together. I got both girls in on it, and I turned it into a game. 

"Who can find all of the ballet bears for that puzzle?"

"Who can find all of the letters in the alphabet for that puzzle?" 

I pretended I didn't know which outfits went with what magnetic doll and had my oldest search for the right clothes. I could tell the whole process made both of them feel good. 

My husband did eventually return to living room and sat with us. He didn't help. In his defense, he wouldn't even know here to start with everything that was on the floor. He admitted to not knowing what puzzle pieces go with what puzzle. 

Before I knew it I was enjoying the moment that had made me so mad an hour earlier. All four of us sitting on the floor playing. 

Turned out to be a pretty good night. 

But I did tell the girls and my husband that better never happen again!

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