Big money lines up behind Ilene Lieberman

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Lieberman at the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party forum.

Broward County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman's lack of judicial experience and involvement in a recent political corruption case apparently haven't given pause to the lobbyists and power brokers who have supported her for years.

Lieberman raised a quick $76,000 in a couple of months in her race to become a county judge, including about $20,000 at a fundraiser at the lobbying firm of Becker & Poliakoff. Among those who have bundled thousands of dollars:

-- Land heir and developer Austin Forman, his partner Bill Murphy, and several of his companies. ($4,500).

-- Developer and would-be garbage magnate Ron Bergeron ($2,500).

-- Bergeron's partner in his Sun Bergeron garbage venture, Anthony Lomangino, whose companies contributed $2,500, bringing that venture's total to $5,000 (Sun Bergeron's competitor, Waste Management chipped in $500).

-- Lobbyist Ron Book ($2,000).

-- Wayne Huizenga interests ($1,500).

-- County janitorial contractor Sunshine Cleaning and owner Larry Calufetti ($1,000).

-- Florida Panthers/BankAtlantic Center ($1,000).

-- Parking company owner Bill Bodenhamer ($1,000).

-- Taxicab king Jesse Gaddis and son ($1,000).

-- Lobbyist Bill Laystrom ($1,000).

-- Lobbyist Tom Panza, who was named the conservator of the Guma Aguiar disappearance case (Lieberman represents Aguiar's mother).

-- Lobbyists Billy Rubin and George Platt made contributions, as well as lobbying firm Ruden McClosky.

Those are some of the highlights, see the entire list here.

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