Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief amends financial disclosure reports

Local 10 investigation prompts Sharief to report previously unreported assets

By Bob Norman - Investigative Reporter

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. - Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief has filed amended financial disclosure reports with the state in response to last month's Bob Norman investigation, finally revealing previously unreported assets. But not all the questions have been answered yet in a case that is being looked at by the Florida Ethics Commission.

Newly minted Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief was slapped with an ethics complaint just before taking office over allegations the millionaire businesswoman failed to disclose assets and wasn't truthful about her income.

"According to the forms, she has no bank accounts, no checking accounts, even though a Broward County commissioner is supposed to be paid by direct deposit," said Fred Messer who filed the complaint against Sharief.

Messer was onto something. Local 10 has learned that Sharief, in response to our report, has filed an amended disclosure form, in which she does list a bank account containing $315,000, along with three homes she previously failed to mention, including her homestead and the house where she lives.

"How do you miss that?" Messer asked.

One thing that wasn't cleared up, was the salary she draws from her home health care company. She still claims she made $104,000 last year, while in county disclosures she listed making that much in a single quarter.

Sharief refused to talk about the complaint when I questioned her last month and didn't respond to my request for an interview this week.

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