BSO manager hit with embezzlement investigation

A Broward Sheriff's Office human resources manager has been suspended after allegations that she has embezzled large amounts of taxpayers' money, sources confirmed today.

BSO spokesman Jim Leljedal wouldn't say how much Human Resources Information Manager Jennifer Bakowski is suspected of taking, but sources say it is believed to be in the six figures. 

Bakowski, who has been with BSO since 1999 and was making $98,000 a year, is under internal investigation. 

Meanwhile, another veteran BSO employee, Sgt. Mitchell Kogod, has been charged criminally with falsifying overtime requests after an investigation that involved his moonlighting work on outside special details.

Kogod made news in March when he was removed from a special security detail with the Miami Dolphins and demoted as chief of BSO's civil division after he admitted doing special favors for Dolphins players involving his official duties. Kogod, who is on desk duty, wouldn't comment when reached on the phone but his attorney told me he will plead guilty to the misdemeanor charge.